How to deposit in the betting rooms?

Make your first deposit following the steps and the next deposit you will not need to read.

One of the big problems we have is not being able to make our own deposits in the different rooms of our preference.

In Latin America, above all, it is quite difficult to deposit since the majority of people who want to make their deposits do not have credit cards and it is not easy to obtain it either due to the necessary conditions imposed to obtain it from a bank.

We Latinos do not have the facilities they have in Europe and other places where the deposit methods are quite easy to use and we can get our money to the betting rooms.

One of the means used to move our money is Skrill, which is a 100% trustworthy electronic wallet, which allows us to top up your balance, but because banking entities prohibit the movement of money by debit cards to bets, it cannot be done. use to deposit in the rooms.

Like you, we know the difficulties we go through to move our money either depositing and withdrawing from the betting rooms, that is why we want to give a guide on how to make your deposits in less than 2 minutes.

To use this method you need an international debit card which can be easily used, and will have a total cost of 3.6%, which is much less than the cost of other purses and that you must have in your bank account before performing these steps, that is, if If you want to deposit $ 20 Usd in Pokerstars you must have $ 20.71 Usd in your bank account, remember to follow the steps well and keep in mind that you will have to pay a minimum commission. After doing these steps it is no longer necessary to create the accounts again.

Please verify the accounts you are going to create below by sending a copy of your identification and payments for your basic services, this will prevent them from blocking your account, if now is your first time using Skrill or Neteller you can make your deposits without problems and without the need to verify your account, but after this verify, avoid setbacks and block your money the verification can take a minimum of 24 hours.

The method is extremely easy to do and after finishing it for the first time you will do it without having to follow these steps again.

The method is for personal use only and the website is not responsible for any damages that may be caused.

Commissions may vary, please change commission percentages if necessary.
Steps to follow:

1. Obtain your international debit card, you can request it from the trusted bank, it does not matter if your new card does not allow you to deposit in the rooms directly but if it is necessary that the card allows you to deposit in Skrill.

2. Create your Skrill account, if you already have an account in this wallet it is not necessary to create another one.

3. Now we will proceed to make our first deposit, log into Skrill and proceed to make a deposit with your debit card.

4. Make the deposit, it will ask us to enter the data of our debit card, if you already entered it previously you only have to choose it, add the CVV code and continue.

Please choose the amount you are going to pay plus 2.5%, that is if you deposit $ 20 Usd add $ 0.50 Usd and deposit a total of $ 20.50 this additional amount will be used to unlock the balance.

Because debit cards are blocked in order to deposit directly for bets, we will make a deposit in Skrill with the option that “It will not be used in Betting”.

Skrill will charge us 1% of the deposited value, in addition to the $ 20.50 that we are depositing, that is, $ 0.21.

After this the deposit will be processed, sometimes as a security measure online payments request to enter a code that will reach your phone or email, the payment will be processed and deposited in your Skrill account. Remember that you should have deposited the amount plus 2.5% because this percentage will then be charged for the next step.

If the card you use does not process your deposit in Skrill, you must try another one.

5. To unlock the money you have deposited with Skrill, please create a Neteller account.

6. After creating your Neteller account, we proceed to make a deposit in this wallet, choosing the Skrill option. It will ask you to add your Skrill account. The cost of this process is 2.5%, that is, the additional $ 0.50 USD that we deposit in Skrill, of the value that you want to reach Neteller. In other words, if you deposit $ 20 Usd Neteller will ask you for $ 0.50 Usd, which is the cost of shipping between purses.

A new window will open in which you have to add your Skrill account by writing your email and password.

The money will go to your Neteller account and you can now use it to deposit from the cashier of your preferred betting room or casino.
How do I make my withdrawals?
Now you can also use this method to make your money withdrawals to Neteller and then send your winnings to your local bank.

In the event that Skrill no longer allows you to make more deposits with the card, you can first make your deposit in Neteller with your debit card and then send it to Skrill

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The method is 100% effective and reliable.

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